CREATION - Kurashiki Haruyoi Akari
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Kurashiki Haruyoi Akari
(The evening light in spring in Kurashiki)

Fri., March 17 ~ Tue., March 21, 2006

Kurashiki Haruyoi Akari
-10,000 candles coloring the city of the white wall-

"Kurashiki Haruyoi Akari" which 10,000 candles color, executive committees such as Okayama Prefecture and Kurashiki-shi sponsor, was opened for five days from April 17, 2006 to the 21st in whole Bikan area, Kurashiki-shi.
The elaborate flame of the candles changed rows of houses of the white wall into the world of fantasy, and had the tourists enjoy.
Lotus Light candle, which was on the theme of the lotus of Monet of Ohara Museum of Art, at the riverside of Kurashiki river of a Bikan area, Cherry blossom candle and Tsuruakari paper-covered lamp in IVY Square, hooting Star candle in front of the church of Metasequoia Square, Bamboo Shoot Light in the garden of Shinkeien, the river of Spring Light and Tsuruakari paper-covered lamp in Geibun Square.
Those candle arts, in which a spring visit is impressed in every venue, were 10,000 candles burned by the Kurashiki residents' hands and produced by candle artist Junji Koizumi.

<Bikan area/Kurashiki river> Lotus Light
<Shinkeien> Bamboo Shoot Light
<IVY Square> Cherry Blossom Light and Tsuruakari paper-covered lamp
<Metasequoia Square> Shooting Star
<Geibun Square> Light River and Tsuruakari paper-covered lamp
<Work Shop> Making Momotaro paper-covered lamp



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