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International Art Awards Private Christmas Party

December 5, 2004
Kugahara Cross Club

"Thank You Candle Light"

 In celebration of receiving the International Art Awards, I held a private, candlelight Christmas party at the Kugahara Cross Club on the evening of December 5, 2004. It was truly an honor to be awarded both the Kikka Prize and Kikka Decoration Prize for the secondhalf of 2004. I am grateful for the International Art Awards Association their belief that my artwork made a deep and lasting impression. In addition, I greatly appreciate the immense support that I have received from friends, family and fans, without which, none of this would have been possible. It is my hope to continue spreading the light of candle art throughout the world until it touches the hearts of all. Thank you very much.

December 5, 2004
Candle Artist Junji Koizumi

Christmas Water Firefly Candles

Angels and Pyramid-Shaped Candles
Christmas Concert
Soprano singer Mayu Ishihara, who recently returned from Milano, Italy, graced the party with her angelic voice by performing renditions of Wish Upon A Star and Ave Maria. She was accompanied on piano by Katsutoshi Yamaguchi, the owner of Cross Club. This was followed by the Latin Fusion band, CORONA, and their soulful performances of Happy Christmas (War Is Over), Imagine, and Blue Christmas. Afterwards Mr.Yamaguchi returned to the piano and played some heartwarming tunes.



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