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The story of the candle tree SHIODOME SIO-SITE 2003/12/5~25

"The wind is a powerful enemy at SIO-SITE."
Interview with candle artist Junji Koizumi.....

Please tell me the episode of making huge candle tree of Shiodome SIO-SITE in December, 2003.

-- Why did you make it in Shiodome?
There was an offer from Nippon Television first, wanted to make the best Christmas tree in the world at Christmas, which is made only with candles.
At the same time, another offer came from the Shiodome area shopping center, whether there are any plans of a Christmas event and made a candle tree.

-- What kind of a candle tree was it?
The size is a height of 9meters.
In fact, if exceeded 10meters or more, it will be regulated by the building law. The reason is that, although the permission is obtained when it is 10meters or less high as a temporary thing, it becomes hard to take approval when it is exceeded 10meters which is no longer a temporary thing but a building. With it, we decided to set up the one-set 9meters.
In addition, the small version which is 3meters high in three places was to make for the shopping center.
The number of the candles is: about 2000 pieces for the large 9meters, and more than 300 pieces for the small ones. Since this Shiodome area was the sea before, we decided the design theme the image of blue, the Christmas in connection with that sea.

-- What suffered you at this work?
It is the wind. It was the most powerful enemy. Many new buildings ware built in Shiodome. This “wind across buildings” causes a very strong wound wind.
We suffered from the measure to this most. It was recorded 29meters the maximum wind speed in the anemometer at the time.

-- How did you light it up?
It had to be done by man's power. How did we do with 2000 numbers? The most difficult point was the top of a high place. This was due to the cooperation with spider-man who is used to high places. And, the crane truck for a height. This is also a special. We prepared these things and lit it up. It was very difficult to get the crane truck in this place! In fact, it is said that the crane truck entered this hall passing through the front door and corridor of Nippon Television, and through the building.
Actually, the candle turns around. The reason why it turns around is that the crane truck can enter only some specific places. Since the candle tree had the form of a hexagon, it was reached to the method of turning itself and lighting it up.

-- For about how many hours does the candle burn?
About 6 hours to 7 hours. It burns a quite while. It changes with the days, though.

-- I heard it is used as a stage of a drama and a concert.
It was a “.com advertisement” for NTT in the beginning.
In fact, it was used as a main stage of the program of "first" which is four days special drama for Christmas. And, Ms. Chie Ayato, who is a famous jazz singer and had the theme song of the drama, sung in front of the candle in the live concert.

-- Thank you very much. It was very pleasant to the story of various difficulties.

Making of the story of Shiodome X'mas candle tree

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