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The village of Kakio The Dance of the celestial maiden under the cherry trees

2004/4/5 Kokura-garden in Ozenji

"Dancing at the tempo of the moon"
Interview with candle artist Junji Koizumi.....

-- You directed a celestial maiden’s dancing with the light of the candles at the night of the full moon on April 5?
Well, very mysterious world. I think I made it.

-- It was very nice and illusory about the person who danced the celestial maiden's dancing with thin lights. The thin lights were candles, weren’t they?
That is right. Well, other lights were not used here on the production except the candles. It was fusion with the nature. The dance was also, and so was the music. Well, I challenged directing with only natural products in the nature.

-- I heard the tempo of the music was the tempo of the moon.
That was, a musician whom I met for the first time said it was the best dancing with the tempo of the moon. He, whose name was Mr. Shinsuke Kataoka and recommended this, wrote the music for this.

-- What is her name, the dancer who danced the celestial maiden's dancing?
She is Ms. Mizuho Asano who has become famous and the center of attention for the celestial maiden's dancing now.
She is from Chinese dancing, and she has built new creative dancing putting the world of the Japanese dancing and the modern dancing together.
Well, she is a wonderful dancer with the things she sends out from her body, and in addition, she could express up to fingertips. Specially, she danced with a very delicate motion of fingertips, which was exactly apt motion for the stage on the theme of the lotus lights which I directed.

-- The lotus lights were also very beautiful this day, the day of a truly very great full moon.
That is right. The lights came to the inside of the lotus flickeringly which cannot be thought as the thing of this world. It was the day when the production of the beautiful new power gushed out and the celestial maiden welcomed it, created out of the five senses.

People were charmed by music, looking at the dance fascinated. Thank you very much for today.



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