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Burning fire (or candles) is not for look but for meet nature which we are a part of it and exist in the dispensation of it.

'Food and lights' Charms of candlesEnjoying “lights” is enjoying “food”. Enjoying “food” is enjoying “life”, and enjoying “life” is enjoying “creation”.
After all, I cannot say anything about picturing my “lights” without “food”.

Although a candle is the typical light of flame loved for many years, it is used as main lighting just in case of a power failure in the present age. It could be said that the image of lights in daily life became thin.

Actually, because of the flame of a candle is unstable as a light, not enough quantity of light, and possibly dangerous that will cause a fire, it has replaced electricity which has few faults. However, as you may have experienced with campfire and so on, it seems that the fluctuation of flames such as candles has charms that uplift people's feeling and does not bore them with watching it. For example, although everybody recognizes a cucumber as a cucumber by looking at it, there is no cucumber which is exactly the same shape with another. Such phenomenon is called fluctuation. All of the elements which people feel peacefulness have this fluctuation.

Also in a light source, there is fluctuation in the flame with which a candle flickers, but no fluctuation in the electricity of a homogeneous light. The light of the candle flame has a mysterious power which charms people.

It seems that those who live in the city and have few opportunities to touch nature have unconsciously forgotten at somewhere that man is a part of nature. It is in the "meal space" that we can confirm man is also a part of nature. And especially in the "meal space", which is the source of a life, the "light" of a candle is necessity, I think.



'It’s beautiful・・・' Thoughts of candlesIt was the latter half of my twenties when I was fascinated with the flame of candles. I traveled Greece to Britain in the country area of Europe by car for about one month. All the hotels and pensions I stayed had used candles casually. The soft light was making pleasant space. I felt it was rich culture of life.

Since then, I collected candle holders when I went abroad. I also began to make them out of stone and wood. I was taking charge of advertisement in an apparel maker. However, I started a business on my own because of the irresistible thought that I wanted the life with a candle to take root in Japan.

My candle art is often used many candles, sometimes thousands of candles are burned.
It is impossible to light thousands flame by myself. Therefore, I have people light together who participate in. Common experience buds the exchange between people and people, and between people and nature.
A light makes us recognize again the wonderfulness of a place that has.
The word you utter is always three characters "KiReI・・・(means beautiful )." It is the power of a flame.



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